The Butcher’s Beef is your guarantee of the best quality Australian beef. Pasture-bred and grass fed, our beef meets strict quality standards. With The Butcher, what you get is 100% pure Australian Beef. Flavoursome, wholesome, just the way Beef is supposed to taste.


The Butcher’s Australian Veal is produced in a natural environment and is primarily fed on milk, producing a light pink muscular meat colour. This makes Australian Veal lean, healthy and low in cholesterol. The Butcher’s veal is a natural product and reaches the consumer’s table pure, unadulterated, naturally juicy, tender and tasty.


The Butcher’s Lamb is produced in fertile regions with vast, lush pastures that are enhanced through good annual rainfall. Due to climatic variations, the lamb production season in Australia changes from State to State, giving a year round supply of quality lamb carcasses.


The Butcher’s Pork is produced by some of Australia’s best pork producers, who have honed their farming skills over the years to produce better quality pork. The new-look Australian pork in lean, convenient, quick to cook and by possessing a delightful delicate flavour, provides a wonderful option for the health conscious consumer while still being flavoursome.


The Butcher sources its chicken products from Singapore suppliers who meet our strict quality and taste requirements. The Butcher then value adds to provide a comprehensive range of chicken products for our customers to choose from.


The Butcher’s sausages are carefully handmade from Australian meat and all natural sheep/hog casings. The Butcher boasts the largest variety of sausages in Singapore and can tailor make sausages to our customer’s requirements.


Using the fresh, quality meat cuts we stock every day our Butchers create fresh, ready-to-go meal solutions that look good, taste good and take all the hassle out of preparing dinner! A wide range of items are available daily such as: chicken kiev, fillet mignon, chicken parmagiana, beef wellingtons, kebabs, beef stroganoff, burgers, chicken cordon bleu, lamb noisette and a wide range of marinades are available to spice up your favourite meat cuts.